Here at ECB Home Care, we take pride in building a team of professional, caring, and experienced caregivers to assist our clients.

We ensure that each of our caregivers is trained and properly certified for the jobs they’ll be doing. Our caregivers are given a criminal background check and are assessed before being able to join our team to ensure safety and reliability.

Who Is On Our Team

We have a diverse team of people that help clients all over with their medical and living assistance needs. Here at ECB Home Care , we are a team of:

  • Certifies Nurse assistants (CNAs)
  • Trained Live-in caregivers with CPR and BLS certificates.
  • Hospice caregivers
  • Home health aides (HHAs) to help with bathing, restroom visits, and more.
  • Coordinators to help match clients with caregivers and send health schedules/plans.

What To Expect

Our caregivers trained and experienced to take care of your needs properly. These fully vaccinated professionals are trained and screened to ensure that we are hiring only the best caregivers for our team so you can feel good about working with us.

We pair you, the client, with a caregiver based on your particular needs, medical conditions, and scheduling availability. We take into consideration personality, what type of care, and any specific conditions as well when pairing you with a caregiver.

You’ll get to meet the caregiver before even starting your in-home care. We want to make sure that there are no issues before starting care and we want to make sure you’re comfortable with the caregiver we’ve assigned to you. After all, they’ll be with you on a daily basis so it’s best to connect with a caregiver that you get along with.

Are Our Caregivers Trained?

Our caregivers are trained on various worth ethics and skills needed to be successful in this role. This includes interpersonal and communication skills, policies and procedures, HIPAA and OSHA laws, and many more.  Even if they are non-medical caregivers they still have to go through training before being placement.

If you’re ready to start your in-home care and get paired with a caregiver, please contact us at or you can call us at 480-470-7055.

Contact us

We want to be an active partner in your care. We don’t “take over,” because you’re the CEO of your care.


    Here are some features of our ECB Home Care

    • 24/7 access to care
    • Customized care plans
    • Supervisory visits
    • Caregiver introductions
    • Nutritional planning
    • Respite support
    • Companionship
    • Mobility assistance
    • Durable Medical Equipment recommendations
    • Errands and Shopping
    • Fall Prevention
    • ADLs